Sustainable Payment Models

Sustainable Payment Models

PDF of Business Case for Community Health Workers Presentation from the December 11, 2014 Conference
“The Business Case for Community Health Workers: Employers & the Affordable Care Act”
Presented by: Rumana Rabbani

Rumana Rabbani, BA

Rumana Rabbani was born in Bangladesh where there are critical issues of healthcare delivery. The experiences she had allowed her to witness first-hand critical public health, healthcare quality and access issues, such as lack of clean drinking water, vaccinations, and preventive and primary care. These personal exposures allow her to better empathize with individuals from marginalized, socio-economic populations, and thus, has been a significant influence for her passion to work at the intersection of healthcare and public health. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, and has taken various courses at Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) with a focus in Healthcare Policy as a non-degree student. Rumana has worked at Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB) where she helped coordinate and manage internal teams with researchers and physicians at the Christopher A. Walsh Laboratory. Rumana then went on to work at the Nursing Career Lattice Program; she worked to help lessen the disparity between the populations treated and the lack of representation of these patients in the CHB work force. She has been working as a healthcare consultant at a boutique consulting firm with a focus on analyzing the effects of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) healthcare delivery programs within pharmacy and managed care networks. She has also helped develop a proposal of Federally Qualified Health Center market opportunity that took into consideration changes due to PPACA legislation. Rumana currently works as a Research Assistant for a Principal Investigator at Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at Wharton. Through this work she has built familiarity with complex policy topics and legal nuances; received exposure to the potential relationships between policy initiatives and outcomes for population health and healthcare systems; and designed data collection and coding systems to streamline policy information sharing from diverse resources. Recently, Rumana presented research work with her team members in collaboration with Southwestern Area Health Education Center and YSPH at the American Public Health Association (APHA) conference. The goal of their research was to gain insight about the employment of CHWs in healthcare reform programs and to make recommendations about sustainable payment models for this workforce from the public and private payer perspectives. Her team has also received an award for their abstract from the Public Health Education Health Promotion section of APHA. Rumana is a member of the New England Regional Health Equity Council, and active in the Leadership and Governance Committee and the CHW subcommittee. She has currently applied to various Health Policy and Management programs. Her future goal is to intern for an organization such as the Cleveland Clinic Fellowship program in order to learn how to execute programs that better achieve the PPACA goal of delivering high quality, accessible care while containing costs. Rumana believes an important component for this goal would entail the incorporation of CHW role.

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