The education of students, health providers, and communities is the key for overall success  for Southwestern AHEC to implement its mission:   “To enhance access to quality primary and preventive health care in southwestern Connecticut by linking students, providers and families through education, workforce development and community collaborations.  When there is understanding of a problem:  what it is, how and why it happened, and what needs to be done to change it, learning occurs.  Learning is necessary for changing behaviors and actions.

Southwestern AHEC provides education in all of its activities.  Specific target groups are Health and Human Service Providers, and the communities at large.

Health and Human Service Provider Training

Southwestern AHEC, in collaboration with community partners, has provided training providers and community health centers in various topics across Connecticut.  Topics include:  Emergency Preparedness, Customer Training, Medical Billing and Coding, Cultural HIV/AIDS, Immunization for Adults and various other topics. Trainings can be designed needs of any agency or target audience.