Workforce Development

Youth Health Service Corps

This coalition of health professionals, social service providers, clergy, business people, educators, and concerned citizens from Bridgeport has the mission of working toward improving the community’s health. Southwestern AHEC was invited to join the partnership to assume a key leadership and coordination role and oversaw BHIP’s implementation and completion of Bridgeport’s Community Health Needs Assessment, released in March 2007.

Saturday Academy Medical Careers Mentoring Program

This program was developed to increase the success of students from underserved areas who will later matriculate in degreegranting programs. It provides a framework for high school students to promote academic achievement, enhance communication skills, and receive assistance towards career development by working with college students. This program is a collaboration with MAACS (Mentoring for Academic Achievement and College Success), the Greater Bridgeport Medical Association and the Medical Careers Magnet at Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport, and is held at Warren Harding High School from October through April.

Investigations in Health Careers

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Health Occupations and Technology (H.O.T) Careers in Connecticut

The H.O.T. careers guide is a comprehensive resource for middle and high school students and adults that provides information on 88 health professions in Connecticut. The guide includes basic descriptions, academic and training requirements, places of employment, employment trends, licensure/ certification, and salary ranges.

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Please visit the Hot Careers in Connecticut online guide.

Collegiate Health Services Corps

The Collegiate Health Service Corps is a training program and service learning experience for undergraduate students that allows students to work within local community agencies and offer preventative health education to the underserved populations of Greater New Haven and Bridgeport.