The Business Case for Community Health Workers: Employers and ACA



This conference provided employers with information on how to best utilize Community Health Workers (CHWs) with health reform. CHWs are effective in meeting the “Triple Aim” of the Affordable Care Act: to increase accessibility of healthcare, to reduce costs, and to enhance the quality of care. Topics to be discussed are: Who are CHWs? What roles do CHWs play within provider settings and organizations? How are they trained? How are CHWs currently being engaged in Connecticut? How can CHWs be utilized in the State Innovation Model (SIM)? How are CHWs paid? How can CHWs become a sustainable workforce with new payment models? How do CHWs affect quality and cost with healthcare reform? How are CHWs encouraged in the ACA?



As a result of attending this conference, the attendee will be able to:

  • Describe who Community Health Workers are and what they do.
  • Understand how CHWs make an impact on health outcomes.
  • Explain two examples in which CHWs have contributed to costs savings for their employers.
  • Identify two strategies on how to integrate CHWs into the workplace, in the context of health reform.
  • Identify 3 sustainable payment models that can be used for Community Health Workers.



Below are the presentations that were presented at the Conference.  We are providing you the opportunity to download them in a PDF format for you reference.  If you would like more information on your Lecturers please follow the link to each Biography.

The Business Case for Community Health Workers

Download Presentation
Presented by: Carl Rush and Joanne Calista

The Business Case for Community Health Workers in Connecticut

Download Presentation
Presented by: Carl Rush and Meredith Ferraro

Connecticut’s Successful Use of CHWs

Medication Management Therapy

Download Presentation
Presented by: Marghie Giuliano

CHW Interventions in Latino Population

Download Presentation
Presented by: Grace Damio

Nutritional Outreach for Children

Download Presentation
Presented by: Dr. Michelle Cloutier and Jackie Ortiz-Miller

Navigating to Access Health Care

Download Presentation
Presented by: Darcy Cobbs-Lomax

Future for CHWs in CT Speakers

SIM-CT recommendations for CHWs

Download Presentation
Presented by: Mark Schaefer

CHWs and Medicaid

Download Presentation
Presented by: Kate McEvoy

Population Health

Download Presentation
Presented by: Dr. Mehul Dalal

Successful CHW Models/Payment Examples

Sustainable Payment Models

Download Presentation
Presented by: Rumana Rabbani

Chronic Care Sustainablility Initiative

Download Presentation
Presented by: Dr. Pano Yeracaris

CHWs and the Transitions Clinic

Download Presentation
Presented by: Dr. Emily Wang and Jerry Smat

CHWs CHC’s use of CHWs

Download Presentation
Presented by: Dr. Suzanne Lagarde

Multidisplinary Teams

Download Presentation
Presented by: Mary Scully and Theanvy Kuoch