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Health for Our Communities | Connecting Students to Careers, Professionals to Communities, and Communities to Better Health

Advancing the Health Care Workforce, One Step at a Time

Southwestern AHEC, Inc. builds a highly qualified and diverse workforce who are seeking careers in the health care industry. We are a non-profit organization that was established by virtue of the National Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) program that was developed by Congress in 1971 under Title XII of the Public Health Act.

Our team aims to connect students to careers, professionals to communities, and communities to better health care. Across the country there are 54 AHEC Programs with over 250 Centers that operate in almost every state who work with approximately 120 medical schools and 600 nursing and allied health schools to improve the quality health care for underserved and underrepresented populations.

Our Mission

We strive to open doors to better health in underserved communities through education, outreach, and career opportunities. By making efforts in developing the primary care workforce, we ultimately aim to address the health care disparities that are prevalent across people of different races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses.

Support the Development of

  • Building a More Diverse Future Health Care Workforce
  • Conducting Health Career Awareness Programs
  • Providing Educational Programs for Healthier Communities
  • Working to Expand the Public Health Workforce

A Nonprofit Organization That’s Connected to the Community

Southwestern AHEC, Inc. has been serving the community as a nonprofit organization for a long time. We are proud to say that our success is built on strong, collaborative partnerships that enhance our commitment to improving the health of our communities.

Bringing Community Awareness

AHECs provide community-based training programs to inspire, train, recruit, and retain a broad range of health care professionals. Through these programs, we hope to instill in our trainees the desire to serve and practice in communities where their health care expertise is highly needed.