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Health for Our Communities | Connecting Students to Careers, Professionals to Communities, and Communities to Better Health


The History of Our Nonprofit Organization in Shelton, CT

The AHEC (Area Health Education Centers) program was developed by Congress in 1971. The goal of this federally funded program is to improve health care access through the training, recruitment, and retention of diverse health professionals who are committed to helping underserved populations. By applying academic medicine resources, the AHEC program aims to contribute to addressing local community health needs.

The way they are structured, AHECs can be flexible and creative when adapting national health initiatives to the particular needs of the nation’s most vulnerable communities. Most AHEC programs receive both state and federal funding. Today, 54 AHEC programs with more than 200 centers operate in almost every state, as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, and Micronesia. At present, AHECs work collaboratively with approximately 120 medical schools and 600 nursing and allied health schools to improve health for underserved and underrepresented populations.

The imbalance in the quality of health and access to health care across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups is reflected in racial and ethnic disparities in health status. It is also evident in the underrepresentation of disadvantaged and minority individuals in the health care workforce.

AHECs play an important role in correcting these inequities and strengthening the nation’s health care safety net. Through community-based training programs, AHEC creates and trains a diverse workforce of health care professionals and inspires them to practice in communities that need them the most.

In 1995, the Connecticut General Assembly established the Connecticut AHEC Program. The program received its initial federal funding from the Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in 1997. Southwestern AHEC, Inc. was then established in 1998 as a center at Housatonic Community College to serve southern Fairfield and New Haven counties. With federal funding set to decrease in 2002, Southwestern AHEC, Inc. moved to Sacred Heart University for the purpose of seeking other funding sources and to become a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. In January of 2006, Southwestern AHEC, Inc. left Sacred Heart University to reconfigure and implement its 501(c)(3) status.

Service Areas

Southern Fairfield and New Haven counties, including Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, New Haven, and The Valley

Meet our Board of Directors

Mike Simko - President

Vacant - Vice President

Vacant - Secretary

Karen Smith - Treasurer

Michelle Rodgers - Board Member

Yeritza Vega - Board Member

Just as we enter our 22nd year, Southwestern AHEC is saddened to say goodbye to its founding Executive Director, Meredith Ferraro.  Meredith left her final imprint this December 31st for retirement.

Meredith has served as Executive Director since 1998. During her tenure, she created and implemented numerous programs for health career awareness, and improving access for oral health. She promoted continuing education for healthcare providers, to improve immunization rates for infants and children, access to healthcare and insurance coverage, and guided the development of the Community Health Worker workforce in Connecticut.

Perhaps on too many occasions Meredith's "implementing" ended up being, almost single handedly, more cajoling and compassionate pressure. Her respect for everyone she dealt with, with a touch of authoritative passion, has made Southwestern AHEC a premier example among all Area Health Education Centers throughout the region and beyond.

Meredith recently reflected, “My passion for improving access to quality healthcare-- focusing on prevention, wellness and equity is evident through the all of the successful work of the Southwestern AHEC team. I am so buoyed believing the agency shall continue its excellent work through my successor's leadership."

We wish her the best in her new chapter and "Meredith" we Thank you!

Meet Our Staff

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Fernando Morales

Executive Director

Fernando Morales became executive director in January 2020, joined Southwestern AHEC, Inc. in Spring 2018 as the assistant director. He brings years of experience in agency program development, including budgeting, program planning, management, sustainability and strategic planning activities to assure continuity of agency operations and sustainability.

During his prior experience as an executive director, he worked with underserved individuals, promoting health, education, and prevention strategies to minority communities. His work experience includes research, capacity development, and counseling. Fernando graduated with an Associates of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. He moved to Connecticut in 1993 and completed an Engineering degree in Communications Technology. He is an alumnus of the Hispanic Federation’s Institute of Emerging Leaders Program, focusing on nonprofit management. He is a state-certified HIV prevention counselor and educator. Most recently, he became a Connecticut Health Foundation Health Leadership Fellow, gaining expertise in bringing systems change to address health equity.

Maggie Litwin, MPH

Program Coordinator


Maggie Litwin joined the Southwestern AHEC, Inc. team in October 2016 as a program coordinator for Bridgeport’s Immunization Program, conducting activities to improve immunization delivery, tracking, outreach, referral, education, and assessment. In addition, she is also supporting the Community Health Worker (CHW) Initiative as part of the State Innovation Model Test Grant.

Maggie earned her Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from Southern Connecticut State University in May 2016, and completed her internship with Southwestern AHEC, Inc. supporting the National AHEC Organization’s HPV Immunization Project and other immunization work.


Fatawu Mahama, BS

Community Health Worker

Fatawu Mahama is a community health worker (CHW) with the State Innovation Model (SIM) CHW Initiative as well as other AHEC CHW programs. Fatawu earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University in 2016 and completed his internship at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT within the Clinical and Community Research, AIDS Program, Internal Medicine, where he helped in various research projects and also helped clinical staffs on the Community Health Care Van in the New Haven area.

Fatawu previously worked at Marrakech, Inc., where he has worked as a residential support staff from 2013 to 2016, providing clients with health education, coaching, and access to community resources. He is also a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and has experience working with older adults.

Fatawu, originally from Ghana West Africa, experienced first-hand how community health workers play a critical role in improving health equity in his country. As a community nutrition student, Fatawu was also engaged in a student research project in Ghana from 2009-2011 at the University for Development Studies, where he joined ten other students to prioritize community member strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to development, and then used that data to involve community members to make decisions on proposed needs for that community.

Anthony I. Lawson, BS, MPH

Program Assistant


Anthony Lawson joined Southwestern AHEC, Inc. in August 2018 as an AmeriCorps member. Through his service Anthony was able to engage students with meaningful learning and service opportunities throughout the school year. He is currently supervising the new AmeriCorps as they transition into their roles while administering additional programs, such as Project S.T.E.P. (Support, Treatment, Education, and Prevention) which is aimed towards training Community Health Workers on Opioid and Substance Use Disorders.

Anthony earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University, and is currently working to obtain his Masters degree in Public Health at the same institution. “I am consistently evaluating how my role can impact the people I encounter”. Anthony’s motivation and background is working with vulnerable populations to address specific needs within the community by providing resources and educational programs. Anthony is a current member of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM), and Greater Bridgeport Latino Network (GBLN). In addition he serves as a member and the New England Regional Expansion Officer for Latino America Unida, Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc.


Sarah Altieri, BS, C.H.E.S.

Program Coordinator 

Sarah Altieri joined Southwestern AHEC, Inc. in July of 2020 as the immunization program coordinator for the Stamford/Greenwich area.

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University. Sarah previously worked at the Farmington Valley Health District from 2017-2020 as a community health worker and public health accreditation coordinator. While working for the health district, Sarah supported various health education programs and grants. She also oversaw the public health accreditation process for the department.