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Educational Training Toward Careers in Health Care

Our ultimate goal at Southwestern AHEC, Inc. is to make our health care system more inclusive and accessible. One of the ways to achieve this is by providing educational training for the underrepresented minority and disadvantaged individuals in the health workforce. By integrating trained members of the community into our health care system, we believe that we can deliver a more patient-focused service.

 CHW Core Competency Training

This is an exciting time for Community Health Workers in the state of Connecticut! Certification is on the horizon, and the state’s CHW workforce is rapidly growing. As one of the most prominent voices promoting CHWs and their work, Southwestern AHEC wants to build the capacity of the CHW workforce by offering CHW Core Competency Trainings.

Southwestern AHEC’s Core Competency Training consist of 90 hours that includes 72 hours of learning about the 10 roles and skills of CHWs, and 16 hours of Motivational interviewing.

This overall training of 90 hours will help you as a CHW to gain recognition as a leader in your community, learn to appreciate how your diverse skills and experience can further your career goals and, most importantly, position yourself and be ready to become a certified CHW in CT.

With this 90-hour, 12-week class, you will learn:

Essentials of Motivational Interviewing – Intensive 2-day course.

This training builds your understanding on how to work with clients and introduces techniques on change talk. It also builds on the framework of working as teams.

Role and Evolution of the CHW field in the US

You will learn how CHWs help individuals, families and communities enhance their health. You will also learn about the History on CHWs in the US, the value of working together to establish culturally tailored and community specific services to promote health.

To define Public Health, Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities

You will learn to define health and public health; look at causes of illness, health of populations, and fully understand what social determinants of health and health disparities are. You will also learn to define health equity, examine  data that documents health inequities among populations, and see how they are harmful to society and how CHWs play an important role is overcoming health disparities.

To develop and build capacity on the core competencies and build the framework for client-centered delivery of services

Southwestern AHEC works with the latest “Foundations for Community Health Workers” 2nd edition textbook 2016. In addition, we utilize the 10 roles and skills that from the National C3 Consensus Project building national consensus on CHW Core roles, skills and qualities. You can learn more about it by clicking here!

To develop your understanding of Oral Health and its relation to overall health

This will give you the opportunity to understand the relevance of Oral Health and how CHWs can address related issues with their clients and communities.

Learn about and increase your capacity to address Opioid and Substance Use Disorders

This training is specifically designed for CHWs on how to address Opioid use and Substance use disorders in the communities they serve.

We follow adult learning principles and incorporate hands on activities into the training sessions to give you a more in-depth experience. We meet you where you are and move you to the next level.

To learn more about our training please call Fernando Morales, Assistant Director - at Southwestern AHEC to 203-372-5503, Ext. 19 or email